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Registry Complete will enable your firm to take advantage of more tools, faster turnaround, and a greater array of services

Registry Complete makes it easier to do business:

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    Gain access to every provincial and territorial PPSA registry including RDPRM in Canada.
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    Access ESC services through web portal, system to system (API) connectivity or batch services.
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    Minimize data entry and reduce manual entry errors.
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    Complete audit capabilities of each step within the process.

Our Newly Designed Servicing Platform 'Registry Complete' Unveiled

The NEW! Registry Complete brings together advancement in technology and exceptional user experience.
Our customers have been instrumental in developing the new UI. We have taken your feedback and developed a platform, Registry Complete, that will take you to new heights in efficiency and performance. Thanks to simple and consistent forms, users can effectively search and register with the various ministries across Canada. All of your transactions are saved in a secure environment which offers you expanded reporting capabilities so you can access any historical file and action as needed.
The team at ESC is thrilled to take you on a tour of Registry Complete and upon request share additional services and capabilities.
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Lien Management

Lien Registration - The submission of a lien to the specified provincial or territorial registry.
Lien Amendments - If changes need to be applied to the lien during its lifetime an amendment needs to be filed to the registry. Any subsequent registry searches on the debtor or the asset will reflect the updated information contained in the amendment.
Lien Renewals - Lien renewals simply extend the effective lifetime of the lien.
Lien Discharges - Also referred to as releases. When the debtor has fulfilled his/her obligation, it is mandated that the party whose interests were being protected by the lien remove the lien in a timely manner.
Did You Know?

"The consequence of failure is not insignificant as an improperly registered, or managed, lien can greatly reduce or nullify a rightful claim to property. That's where we come in. "

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Registry Complete Search Services

Corporate Verification - Searching corporate registries to ensure the corporation is registered, and active.
Corporate Report - Full corporate registry report with key information such as directors and officers.
Full Corporate Due Diligence Capabilities - ESC provides a variety of searches that can be conducted against an individual, business or corporation across the country.
Lien Searches - Searching the specified provincial or territorial registry for any currently active liens. Searches may be done searching for a specific piece of serialized collateral, or by debtor name.
Lets Get Connected

ESC Offers System to System Connectivity

Many of our customers choose to integrate ESC services right into their case management systems enabling a seamless and efficient process.
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    Eliminate Data Re-Entry

    Liens can be requested directly from your own system, without any data re-entry (which is costly in both time, and errors).
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    Upfront Validation

    Efficiencies are magnified by enabling system to system validation and turn around times which could not be matched by any manual methods.
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    Real-Time Status Updates

    Immediate confirmation to your internal systems of lien submission, tracking numbers, and status.